• The water source offeet the price of central system units in drip irrigation?
    • the weighty factors in fitration system designing are flowrate and water source. flow rate specifies the size and number of the filtration systeam elements and water source type and quality specifies the structure of the different elements.
       below are recommended with regard to the water source the structure:
      Surface water +canal: Hydrocyclone+ sand filter+discfilter
      Well: Hydrocyclone+ discfilter
      Pool: sandfilter + disc filter
      reservoir: disc filter
      so, the thing leads to different designings and finally different prices for filtration systems is water source
  • Can the subsurface drip irrigation systeam be used for corn plating?
    • Yes, of course. Beniztajhiz Company have constructed the pilot plan on corn in Ghazvin this summer. You can find exam information in project lahel inoursite and for move information please consult our specialists.
  • Dose the space of dripper offect the price of the irrigation tape?
    • The closer drippers spaces, the move expensive irrigation tape.
  • Fore which type of fields the sprinkler irrigation method is recommended?
    • for an accurate designing and a correet choice many factors must be considered including water quality, soil texture, cropping patterns, climate, Topography ete. As a rule of thumb this method can be used for field crops in which wind loss, Ivaporation loss, the slope ofthe land and the soil texture are not limithing factors
  • Please give us some information about chemigation
    • This process includes injection of sulfuric acid (98%) to drip irrigation systems and to have an accurate chemigation it's better to use a dosing system which includes a diaphragm dosing pump.
      The process has some other advantages such as:
      -soil salinity decreasing (EC)
      -Soil and water alkalinity decreasing
      - Improvement of aeration of the soil (conditioning)
      -Capability of farming the organic sulfates

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