Over two decades of experience in the water industry and supplying intelligent irrigation and agricultural equipment, besides the consequent know-how gained by the managers and experts, plus the continuous cooperation and technical communication with 15 reputable international companies, as well as the direct contact with Iranian scientific centers in utilizing most up-to-date knowledge, all made BenizTajhizCo capable to meet the needs of a good number of irrigation projects in designing, supplying equipment, and executing as an EPC contractor.
BenizTajhiz Co, being the exclusive representative of some of the most prestigious international companies in the field of modern irrigation systems,and thanks to the highest global standards, is able to satisfy a great part of the requirements of agriculture and green areas to irrigation systems. Supplying a wide range of equipment such as filtration system, industrial and agricultural valves, drippers, drip irrigation pipes, flat drip irrigation pipes, agricultural meteorology stations, automation systems, and fully mechanized irrigation machines, BenizTajhiz Cohas been able to take major steps toward water consumption optimization in agriculture that consumes the most water. BenizTajhiz Co, bearing in mind the quality, has set up a professional team to help engineers, designers, administrators, and farmers easily and reliably select the equipment from the best world-classsuppliers to install at their projects.
  Meanwhile, attention to the plant nutrition is also considered as an integral part of irrigation in order to achieve moreyields of agricultural production. To fulfill its services, BenizTajhiz Co has been applying the know-how of reputable European companies and Iranian proficient experts to produce macro and micro fertilizers, which can be used either in irrigation systems (irrigation fertilizers) or by spraying. Fertilizers produced by BenizTajhiz Co, have been formulated after several years of development in model orchards and crops, and specifically adaptedto Iran's water and soil conditions to yield the highest efficiency.