BENIZ TAJHIZ Company has been established to provide the following services in Irrigation systems and machinery:
• Comprehensive and complete engineering,
• Supply and procurement,
• Erection, installation and commissioning, and
• Automation.
Also, production of micro and macro fertilizers is among the company activities.
Having vast experiences in the execution of irrigation projects, besides excellent aptitude to procure the equipment from prestigious European manufacturers, make the company ready to carry out and procure both national and international irrigation projects in a range from middle to large scale.
The brilliant background of the company senior directors in managing, engineering, manufacturing and supplying various projects, assures the clients’ fulfillment in the work.

In recent projects, the company has given the emphasis on reduction of costs, manpower and energy; meanwhile highlighted the increase in production efficiency in regard towater saving.

The two main strategies of the company experts to achieve the project goals are the accurate design and the use of the latest technology available globally.

Moreover, emphasizing on the company experiences and know-how on carrying out projects with specific conditions such as high water and soil salinity, high temperatures, and…, we would be pleased to offer a wide range of unique services based on the specific requirement of any individual project.